7 Reasons Why Delta 8 Is Becoming More Popular 

You’re very likely to have heard of or come across Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 8 or D8 THC) if you are interested in cannabis plants and their derivatives. Over the past few years, the Delta 8 industry has experienced impressive growth, surpassing even hemp-derived CBD sales growth in many cases. What makes Delta 8 products loved by millions is the ease of consumption and fewer side effects as compared to the other THC strain, Delta 9.

This article aims to explore what Delta 8 THC is and why it is so popular. Moreover, we will compare it with Delta 9 to help you choose the right hemp products to give you a high feeling without causing any side effects or leading to adverse events. 

When Did People Start Consuming Delta 8?

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid – a naturally occurring chemical substance found in cannabis Sativa (marijuana and hemp plants). It is closely related to Delta 9 THC but has a slightly different chemical structure. Typically, Delta 8 is manufactured from hemp-derived CBD.

Scientists have been studying the effects of cannabis for hundreds of years. Delta 8 THC was first isolated in 1941, but the big breakthrough came in 1974 when a team of doctors tested it on mice. They were originally set out to show how harmful THC and other cannabinoids were, but the results actually showed the opposite and found that D8 might be beneficial for symptoms when fighting cancer and treating tumors.

In 2018, the United States Farm Bill made growing and selling hemp and its products legal as long as it has less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Although the language of the bill is not explicit, this means Delta 8 and its products are legal under federal law.

However, every state has different rules and regulations regarding the consumption of Delta 8. Some states consider it one of the controlled substances and have totally banned it, while other states have looser laws and allow for its sale and consumption without any legal concerns.

The hemp by-products made with Delta 8 have been available to humans for a few years now. The Delta 8 hemp industry is one of the fastest-growing things in the United States and you can even find versions of it at convenience stores and gas stations. Again, although it is legal on a federal level, its legality varies by state, so it’s important to check the local laws before ordering a box of hemp-containing products.

Benefits of Delta 8 and Why It Is Tremendously Popular

There aren’t just one or two, but a plethora of benefits to using Delta 8 products. Delta 8 is one of the minor cannabinoids that’s found in cannabis, and that’s why some call it a sibling of Delta 9.

Below you’ll find multiple benefits of trying Delta 8. Also, there’s a quick comparison with Delta 9 THC, so you know why Delta 8 hemp products are popular.

How Is the High Different from Delta 9?

The results can be subtle at first, but you’ll find a noticeable difference in the high effect of Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC. The main psychoactive compound in marijuana is Delta 9 THC and it is the substance that gives people the “high” they normally associate with consuming marijuana.

Delta 8 does have a similar structure as Delta 9, but it does not have as intense of an effect when consumed. Its products are a preferred choice among hemp lovers as it gives an appropriate high that’s perfectly balanced. Because of its milder effects, it causes less paranoia and anxiety than other forms of THC making it a popular choice among many people.

How Is the High Different from CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol, which is also found in the cannabis Sativa plant, does not cause any psychoactive feelings. Yes, it can be good for treating a wide range of health issues, including anxiety, but you don’t get that buzzed feeling you get from consuming Delta 8 THC.

Moreover, Delta 8 products can offer similar health benefits to CBD products, making Delta 8 THC a more popular option because of the added psychoactive effects.

 In a nutshell, for many people, Delta 8 THC is a better option than taking CBD oil or smoking Delta 9. Not only might it possibly help relieve pain and other symptoms from multiple health issues, but it also gives you a milder high feeling with fewer side effects. 

It Has Appetite Stimulating Properties

Moderate and controlled consumption of Delta 8 THC can help you in maintaining your appetite. Furthermore, it aids the body in absorbing more nutrients from the food consumed. As compared to any other flower, Delta-8 has better appetite-stimulating properties and can give a quick boost to your poor appetite. 

Some scientists also believe that the stimulation properties of Delta 8 THC are twice as strong as induced by consumption of Delta 9. A single dose of Delta 8 THC might help people with eating disorders gain an appetite.

Note: Oral D8 consumption, such as taking gummies and tinctures, is known to have better results. Also, you should invest in high-quality hemp products to experience the full benefits.

Improves the Quality of Sleep 

Delta 8 THC is a popular choice for people struggling with insomnia. The high effect induced by the consumption of this cannabis plant extract is more mellow as compared to Delta 9 THC. Thus, the consumer usually gets a more relaxed feeling which then often results in good sleep. 

Studies have also proved the efficacy of naturally occurring Delta 8 THC in uplifting mood and reducing stress. 

How Does Delta 8 Help You Sleep?

Most of you must be wondering how Delta 8 makes one sleep! Consuming Delta 8 products in a controlled way uniquely binds twice with cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system (CNS) and the endocannabinoid system (EDS). As a result, the user calms down their breath, mental activities, and heart rate, which lets them fall asleep quickly. 

A Few Tips to Experience Better Sleep with Delta-8 THC 
  • Time your dosage
  • Choose the right strength
  • Choose the right consumption method

The effects of Delta 8 induced on an individual may vary from others depending on the strength of the dosage and the method of delivery of the product. You can increase or alter the dosage depending on how your body reacts after consuming these hemp-derived products. 

Reduces Chronic Pain 

A lot of people choose Delta 8 THC for the possible quick relief it offers from chronic pain. According to some research, topical application of THC can suppress the pain quickly. Also, it has some potential benefits for reducing inflammation which is pretty common in people with Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Studies have shown that while Delta 8 THC has anti-inflammatory properties, it can also regulate the hormones as well as neurons engaged in the transmission of pain. As a result, when you consume THC, your body behaves differently to the pain, and you experience it less. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Delta 8 can make the pain more manageable without making you extremely high, even if you prefer a strong dosage. 

Helps Control Anxiety 

Another medicinal quality of Delta 8 THC is that it may help with anxiety. Regular and controlled consumption of these THC products might suppress vomiting-related issues and nausea. Just like its sibling Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 also has antiemetic attributes. Several studies have shown D8’s efficacy in helping with anxiety.

When you consume Delta 8, it makes the B1 receptors more stable. However, it is yet to be learned how much time THC will take to make the receptors stable. After stabilizing the receptors, THC also regulates brain function and helps you feel calmer.

In short, Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol helps with anxiety and related issues that can make you feel restless. 

Tip: The method of delivery plays a crucial role when controlling anxiety with Delta 8 THC. Popular ways to consume it are by using disposable vapes and eating gummies. Vapes are more effective and can help you feel calm quickly, while gummies can have a fuller and long-lasting effect. 

Available in Different Forms 

Delta 8 THC is available in many forms which is a major contributor to its popularity. 

The compound blends easily into different forms, from liquids to powders, that you can consume at your convenience. Below you’ll find cannabis lovers’ most preferred forms of Delta 8 THC.

D8 Edibles 

D8 edibles, including gummies, are extremely popular and an easy way to consume THC. Even first-timers can have gummies to enjoy the high effect of these cannabinoid products. The best part about gummies or edibles is that they are truly delicious and available in a wide range of flavors.

You can carry these gummies wherever and eat them at your convenience. Moreover, gummies let you have these cannabinoid-based products in controlled dosages. Beginners can start with a half gummy and can increase the dosage if they feel comfortable.

D8 Capsules  

Another edible option is Delta 8 gel capsules that can be directly swallowed. Popular manufacturers offer these capsules in multiple strengths, including 10 mg and 20 mg. 

Since the gel caps come packed in a small plastic container, you can easily travel with them. Capsules are also a great way to start consuming the hemp-based THC, and you can start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it as you become more comfortable using these D8 products.

D8 Tinctures

Delta 8 tinctures are available in a liquid form and can be used for oral consumption as well as topical application. What makes tinctures an amazing choice is their higher D8 concentration, which leads to a high effect that lasts longer and can make you feel better.

You can either put a few drops under your tongue or apply the tincture directly on your skin and massage it gently. Tinctures can be great for reducing chronic and acute pain since you can directly apply them to the affected area.

D8 Vapes 

Ever since their introduction, Delta 8 vapes have enjoyed tremendous popularity. Consuming Delta 8 THC in the form of vaping offers a quick effect. It can almost immediately calm your nerves along with some other health benefits, including pain relief. 

If you already use hemp-based products, you can use D8 vapes or cartridges and enjoy a better psychoactive effect as compared to other methods of consumption. Vape cartridges give the user complete control over the dosage. If you are relatively new to Delta 8 THC vapes, you can start with a low dosage of one or two puffs and then take more as needed. 

Just like D8 gummies, you’ll find some fantastic vape flavors as well. These include Bubble Gum, Cookies, Pineapple Express, and many more. 

Note: The size and type of the vape and its cartridges may vary depending on the brand. Always choose a trusted and reliable brand when buying Delta 8 vapes and other smokeables.  

D8 Disposables

D8 disposables are also getting to be extremely popular because they are a more convenient way to vape since you do not have to recharge the battery. By inhaling the D8 vapor, the high effect kicks in quickly. By having Delta 8 in this form, you can expect a happy and relaxed mood. 

Disposables also come in a wide range of flavors and can contain up to 95% Delta 8 THC. Using the disposable pods is federally legal in the US. 

Delta 8 Offers a Smooth Smoking Experience 

THC is the compound that makes you feel high after smoking cannabis. However, the Delta 9 version of this compound may lead to an intense smoking experience and can even cause side effects, including dry mouth, fogginess, and nausea.

This is not the case with Delta 8 THC. Smoking Delta 8 THC does not affect cognitive functions as much because it is much less potent. Also, because of its unique nature, smoking this cannabinoid flower offers a milder experience that comes accompanied by relaxation and fewer side effects.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, there are multiple other perks of consuming Delta 8 THC. One can only experience these benefits after trying the amazing Delta-8 THC products, so what are you waiting for? Order yours today with Laughing Buddha and get high-quality cannabis products that have all undergone third-party lab testing so you know exactly what you are getting.

Tips to Use Delta 8 Products and Get the Most Out of Them 

Finding the right way of consuming Delta 8 THC products is essential to ensuring you get the desired high feeling without any negative side effects. Listed below are some tips beginners and existing users can follow when consuming Delta 8:

Choose a Trusted Brand 

It all starts with choosing a trusted brand that stays within the guidelines introduced by the FDA and prepares its cannabis products in certified manufacturing plants. Also, choose a brand that has conducted drug tests on its products to determine their potency.

Moreover, go through the list of ingredients to know the composition of THC and other things in their products.

Go Slow 

If you have decided to give Delta 8 THC a try, remember to start slow with very small amounts. New users should start with a lower dose of 5–10 mg. Wait and see how your body responds, and then you can increase the dosage if needed. 

The high effect may take 1–3 hours to kick in, depending on the method of delivery. Moderate and experienced users can take concentrated amounts, i.e., 25–40 mg, and wait for a few hours before taking more. 

Even experienced cannabis users should see how their body reacts to Delta 8 before taking it in higher amounts. It’s indispensable to understand tolerance in order to have a good experience using these THC products.

Choose the Right Type 

As discussed, Delta 8 THC products are available in many forms, including gummies and vapes. You can decide which way to go! 

Beginners might want to start their Delta 8 journey with gummies or capsules. People that are new to these cannabinoid-based products can also use tinctures but in smaller quantities. 

Vapes, flower extract, and cartridges are suitable for moderate to experienced users. As you become more familiar with the effects of Delta 8 THC on your body, you can opt for other forms as well. 

Know About the Side Effects 

As compared to Delta 9, Delta 8 THC has fewer side effects. You can easily avoid these ill effects by controlling the dosage. However, before using Delta 8, you should learn about the potential side effects that you may experience. One of the biggest causes of side effects is not taking these products in controlled amounts. 

Always follow the instructions mentioned on the label and only consume the amount you can easily handle. This way, you can avoid any side effects and enjoy using Delta 8 safely. 

Follow the Age Restrictions 

To consume Delta 8 THC you must be at least 21. The products have been shown to be safe to use for people over 21 years of age. Men and women both can use approved THC products without worrying about any adverse effects. 

What Makes Laughing Buddha the Most-Loved Delta 8 THC Brand?

Laughing Buddha is not a new name in the hemp industry and has been catering to the needs of cannabis lovers for years with its legal and safe products. 

Our brand has introduced products to make consuming Delta 8 THC easy and fun. Here’s why you can trust Laughing Buddha when ordering cannabinoid-based products.

High-Quality Products 

All the products offered by Laughing Buddha contain high-quality ingredients in their purest forms. We test each of our products in third-party, independent labs and even have lab reports that demonstrates the efficacy and safety of our products.

Extensive Range of Products 

Laughing Buddha offers hemp-based products in multiple forms. Whether you love to consume Delta 8 via gummies and vapes or prefer capsules and flower, you can order them online from Laughing Buddha.

Caters to Multiple States 

Laughing Buddha has a broad network of sales across the states where Delta 8 is federally legal to consume. You can easily place your order through our website and even get free shipping on orders above $29. 

Consistent Quality in Every Batch 

Every batch of the cannabinoid products that leave the Laughing Buddha factory has the same consistency and flavor. You can expect the same quality, the same high effect, and other benefits you received from your previous order. 


All the information listed in this article is based on the studies and research conducted on Delta 8. Also, Delta 8 THC has shown its efficacy for all the benefits mentioned in this post. 

However, evidence is still being found by scientists, and more research is going on to understand how this cannabinoid-extract behaves in the human body. 

Delta 8 THC is not a cure for anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia and is simply a suitable way to find relief from these symptoms and other health conditions. Moreover, consuming Delta 8 THC has not been proven to help fight cancer in any way. 

For any of the mentioned health issues, it would be wise to get in touch with a healthcare expert to seek medical consultation. It is also recommended to contact a doctor before trying any Delta 8 products to be sure you can safely consume them. 

Lastly, Delta 8 may test positive in a drug test, because it is so closely related to Delta 9 and can last for a few hours in your system. 

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