About Us Old

Laughing Buddha D8 was founded after recognizing the powerful potentials of Delta 8 THC.

The 2018 Farm Bill made more things possible for the hemp plant, inviting researchers and specialists in the cannabis sativa plant to leverage what already exists in the hemp plant to derive something new and exciting for the hemp industry.

The more we learned about Delta 8 THC, the more we recognized that we’d like to specialize in bringing this cannabinoid to market.

Dedication to Research & Development

Laughing Buddha D8 is dedicated to supporting the further research and development of Delta 8 THC so that we can fully understand the potentials of this cannabinoid, and through our distribution, bring D8 into the hands of more consumers across the United States.

Laughing Buddha D8 has supply deals for hemp with some of the best farmers in the United States that we process into high-quality CBD Isolate, from which we derive Delta 8 through a process called isomerization.

As research continues to emerge about Delta 8, we will continuously develop products that use this exciting cannabinoid to its full potential.

Dedication to Quality and Purity

One thing we have learned about Delta 8 is that not all Delta 8 products are created equal. There are hundreds of Delta 8 companies cropping up across the United States that are touting their products as “pure” D8, yet these products contain more than the legal amount of Delta 9 THC, and often contain contaminants.

Laughing Buddha D8’s products are at a completely different industry standard. Our products test up to 96% purity, which is evidence of our advanced lab practices, and commitment to quality and consumer safety.

Empowering the Consumer Through Transparency

Transparency is key for Laughing Buddha D8. Our dedication to testing our D8 products goes beyond just saying we test our products – we provide you all the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) so that you can see exactly what is in the product you are consuming. You see exactly what we see when we get our laboratory results, and we empower you to learn more about Delta 8 by examining these COAs to get the very best out of your D8 experience.

Laughing Buddha D8 is the company you can trust when exploring this exciting cannabinoid. Please browse our products as well as our blog to see what’s in store, and learn more while you enjoy the benefits of Delta 8!

Our Processes

Laughing Buddha D8 sources our hemp flower from some of the most qualified farmers in the United States. We look specifically for cultivars of hemp that are rich in CBD so to be able to extract CBD isolate from which we can derive Delta 8. Just as it’s important for Laughing Buddha D8’s customers to see Certificates of Analysis (COAs) of our products, we read all the COAs of our hemp sources carefully to ensure the best product for the consumer.

Highly Technical Laboratory Processes

We use highly-technical processes to extract CBD isolate from the hemp flower so to derive Delta 8 from the CBD isolate through a careful process called isomerization. Isomerization is a process through which a molecule is transformed into an isomer with a different chemical structure.

The Delta 8 market has grown quickly since the popularity of the cannabinoid has been growing, but it’s important that Laughing Buddha D8 consumers understand that not all Delta 8 products on the market are safe, or pure. Many “garage chemists” are attempting to make Delta 8 and are touting it as safe, when in reality, their products are full of contaminants.

Purity and Quality

Laughing Buddha D8’s products are made with up to 96% purity in a sterile laboratory environment. Third-party testing is a critical part of our processes, to ensure that nothing harmful makes its way into the bodies of our consumers.

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers, providing them access to our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) so that they are able to feel confident that what they are ingesting is pure, and free of anything that may be potentially harmful.

Our Commitment to Testing

Transparency is at the forefront of Laughing Buddha D8’s commitment to its customers. This is why we engage in extensive third-party testing of all Laughing Buddha’s products so that we can be sure of the purity of our products and that our consumer is not getting a product that contains contaminants, heavy metals, or anything that could harm them.

We place our Certificates of Analysis (COA) on our website so that our customer can access them before they try to ensure that what they’re ingesting is pure, contains only Delta 8 THC, and is free of Delta 9 THC.

How to Understand a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

We encourage all Laughing Buddha D8’s customers to access the COAs on our website and have a read of them for ourselves.

Here are a few features you’ll be able to observe:

  • Cannabinoid Profile Analysis – here you’ll be able to see a list of cannabinoids and the percent concentration as well as the milligrams of the cannabinoids contained in the sample. We encourage you to pay particular attention to the numbers beside the Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC. You’ll see that we have extremely high purity rates of Delta 8 with only traces, if not zero trace, of Delta 9 THC.
  • Heavy Metals Detection Analysis – This tests for arsenic, lead and mercury (yes, that can turn up in some unsafe hemp products!). Always make sure that it says “ND” (None Detected) beside any heavy metal!
  • Microbial Analysis – This tests for any fungi or molds that you wouldn’t want present in your products. Moulds contain spores that are harmful to the lungs when inhaled. Like heavy metals, always make sure your COA says “ND” or None Detected.
  • Mycotoxin Analysis – This looks for any residual chemicals that could exist in your product. Always make sure this says “ND” or None Detected as well.
  • Pesticides Screening Analysis – This is extremely important because pesticides are not meant to be ingested by humans, which is why hemp products undergo “flushing” to remove all the pesticides that may be on the plant. If a product is not properly flushed, presence of pesticides will show up on the COA, which completely spoils the integrity, safety, and quality of a product. You want to see a full panel of “ND” on all your COAs. If you see any pesticides on a COA, think again about trying the product.
  • Residual Solvents Testing Analysis – This is extremely important as solvents may be used in both the process to extract hemp from CBD, and derive Delta 8 THC from CBD. Solvents must also be flushed out to ensure the purity of the product. Note that you’ll see a full panel of “ND” or None Detected in Laughing Buddha D8’s products, but you may see small, minute detections of certain alcohols like acetone and methanol.
  • Filth and Foreign Material Inspection Analysis – This looks for exactly what it sounds like – things that aren’t supposed to be in a hemp product such as dirt, sand, hair, or any biological traces of the creator, and any foreign materials that have no business being in a Delta 8 product. You absolutely want to ensure that there is None Detected or “ND” on this part of the COA because this attribute sets apart the professional, sterile laboratories from the garage chemists who are creating Delta 8.

Our Third-Party Testing Partner

Our third-party testing partner is ACS Labs, which has locations nationwide that provide the hemp and cannabis communities with chemical and biological analytical laboratory testing. ACS Labs helps ensure product quality, safety, and compliance for the highly regulated hemp and hemp/cannabis industries. ACS Labs provides a quantitative analysis of the potency of cannabinoids and terpenes along with contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, mycotoxins and microbiological testing for the hemp and hemp/cannabis industries. An important program that Laughing Buddha D8 utilizes is ACS Labs Hemp Testing Program, (HTP) which ensures the product does not exceed the Delta-9 THC regulatory threshold of 0.3%.

We empower our customers with access to data through the Certificates of Analysis (COA), not only to ensure that their Laughing Buddha D8 products are safe but also to equip them with the tools to identify the safety of all D8 and cannabinoid products.

Our Philosophy

At Laughing Buddha, we believe that nature holds the key to wellness and happiness. Through the consumption of cannabinoids – the naturally-occurring compounds present in hemp plants – people can restore their body’s overall health and improve performance. We are on a mission to harness these natural properties and make them accessible to everyone.

More and more people are turning to alternative medicine and modalities, including supplementation, naturopathic medicine, and herbalism. We are realizing that while modern medicine can be effective, it may not be the right fit for every person or issue. 

By spreading awareness about the healing qualities of hemp, we are trying to empower people to take a wholesome approach to health. And we are doing this by creating premium Delta 8 THC products that enhance the body’s function.

We have perfected the combination of high-grade cannabis and nutritious superfoods to produce some of the most potent products on the market. We’ve thoroughly researched and developed how to derive Delta 8 THC from CBD effectively. Plus, we have found the best sources for hemp plants right here in the USA. This is how we are able to offer the absolute best Delta 8 THC products.

Who Are We?

We are a group of cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators with decades of experience in the food industry. Our journey began with the realization that while CBD products were flooding the market every day, we couldn’t find a decent cannabis distillate (or Delta 8 THC) edible without worrying about the possible side-effects that come with inexperienced brands and their questionable manufacturing practices.

After careful research – and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears – we built a unique brand specifically focused on Delta 8 THC online products. Our products do more than make you “high”; they are infused with superfoods and terpenes that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and several other medicinal benefits.

Through our partnerships with hemp farmers across the country, we create and offer some of the highest-grade Delta 8 THC products today.

No Compromises in the Making of Our Delta 8 THC Online Products

It’s simple, we do not waste our time and efforts with the low-grade extracts we wouldn’t want to use ourselves. From edibles to disposable vape pens, each product is made with the highest level of integrity to ensure you get the best experience. We are talking about consistent flow-states and clear-headedness that can make you feel like you can do anything!

Our lower-potency Delta 8 THC products are perfect for evenings when you want to wind down after a long day or simply chill with friends. 

What Sets Us Apart

When you buy Delta 8 THC from Laughing Buddha, you get:

Dependable quality from the very beginning: From the climate of the hemp growing region, to the nutrient profile of the soil, to the careful harvesting, extraction, and processing – quality is our #1 concern at each step.

Safe and risk-free Delta 8 THC: We adhere to strict FDA-approved quality control guidelines in our compliant facility and every batch is tested for concentration of cannabinoids, their potency, and their purity. In addition to in-house testing, our products also undergo testing in third-party labs. Our customers have full, no-questions-asked access to these results.

An extensive collection of products: We don’t subscribe to that one-size-fits-all trope. Our products include gummies, soft gels, tinctures, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, moon rocks, syringes, flowers, shatter, and much more – we have something for everyone. 

Are You Ready To Shop?

Laughing Buddha is one of the highest rated companies offering Delta 8 THC online. Check out our online store to see what products we have available or call us at 877-420-8420 with any questions. You can also reach out to us here.