Are Cannabis Edibles More Potent?

Cannabis Edibles

Although smoking the marijuana flower has been the traditional and most familiar way to consume cannabis over the years, edibles have always been an alternative option and are growing in popularity. Now that cannabis-derived products are being legalized across the nation, the quality and variety of cannabis products has increased dramatically. You can now consume cannabis, both CBD and THC, as a tincture, vape, capsule, flower, and of course, a variety of edibles, like gummies. 

Many people believe that eating cannabis is healthier and safer than smoking it. But are edibles more potent than other cannabis products?

What Are Cannabis Edibles?

Any beverages and food products that are infused with cannabis are referred to as edibles. This includes brownies and other baked goods, chocolates, candies, gummies, breath mints, ice cream, and savory snacks. Nowadays, the list goes on and on. Cannabis-containing beverages like coffee and beer also fall into this category.

If you are an experienced user, you know that smoking cannabis is very different from eating it. In many ways, edibles have more benefits – they provide a more intense, full-body effect and have a longer shelf life.

The main mind-altering compound present in cannabis, THC, is generally the active ingredient in an edible. A high-quality weed edible actually contains THC distillate which is the purest form of THC. Some manufacturers like to se other cannabis compounds in their products as well, including terpenes, CBD, and flavonoids. 

Just like smoking cannabis, eating it comes with several benefits, ranging from pure symptom relief to intense relaxation. Cannabis edibles have been known to offer relief from migraines, inflammation, chronic pain, sore muscles, poor appetite, insomnia, and much more. The trick with cannabis edibles is learning the right dose for you and then waiting for the effects to begin. In most cases, it takes about 30 minutes for your body to respond to THC in the edibles, but it depends on several factors.

How Long Do the Effects Last? 

After you have consumed an edible, you can expect to feel its effects for 2–10 hours. There are several factors that will determine the length of your experience, such as:

  • Your diet and lifestyle
  • Your metabolic rate
  • Your weight
  • Your tolerance to THC

Multiple studies and our own experience show that cannabis products which are chewed and swallowed provide much longer-lasting effects compared to products that are inhaled (or smoked) or absorbed orally (from tinctures).

Essentially speaking, when you eat the same amount of THC as you smoke, the former lets you feel the effects for a much longer amount of time. This is because the THC is first processed by your stomach and then metabolized by your liver. Only then does it enter into your bloodstream and travel throughout the body. 

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