Choosing the Right Delta 8 Products for You: A Detailed Guide 

If you are under the impression Delta 8 is only available in the form of gummies, you still have a lot to discover. Consuming gummies is a fun way to take Delta 8, but there are some other great Delta 8 THC products you can try as well! 

There are many different ways to experience the benefits of Delta 8 THC. It’s important to understand what each product offers in order to make an informed decision when choosing one for yourself. 

Are you curious to learn more about Delta 8 and discover which Delta 8 THC product is right for you? This detailed guide will tell you all you need to know about different types of hemp-derived Delta 8 products and how to pick the best fit for you.

Let’s get started:

Top Reasons to Choose Delta 8 Products: Some Potential Health Benefits You Should Know

Scientific research on Delta 8 THC is not as robust when compared with studies on the other compounds derived from cannabis plants, like cannabidiol (CBD). Despite this, there is at least enough evidence to support its use for specific purposes.  

Research studies are still ongoing so you can expect the list of potential benefits to expand soon. Here’s an overview of some health benefits associated with using Delta 8 products:


One of the primary reasons most users consume any cannabis product is to experience feelings of euphoria and relaxation. It would be natural to see how Delta 8 fits into this category. Its reported calming properties can help you unwind after a long day at work. The cannabinoid can offer a natural alternative to prescription anxiety medications, but you should always consult with your doctor before trying out any new substance.

Reduction of Pain

Many people choose Delta 8 THC over other cannabinoids because of its potential pain-relieving capabilities. According to a recent online survey, Delta 8 THC was reported to be effective in reducing chronic pain.

Chronic pain is common in medical conditions like arthritis, neuropathy, and more. Delta 8 can serve as an effective solution for naturally suppressing chronic pain stemming from certain disorders.

Helps Fight Nausea 

Research shows that Delta 8 THC is antiemetic (helps fight nausea). It has worked to counter the adverse side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. The best part is there have been minimal to no side effects. However, the dosage of Delta 8 THC needs to be monitored.

Appetite Stimulant

study on mice showed that a controlled dosage of Delta 8 THC helped stimulate the appetite. This can be useful to people going through chemotherapy or recovering from an illness. It can help increase food consumption while having the ability to enhance the working cognitive function. Negligible side effects were seen during this study.

Improves the Sleep Quality  

Consumption of Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids have been known to help relieve stress and improve sleep quality. Furthermore, users report feeling euphoric and having an uplifted mood. Delta 8 is a lightly psychoactive substance that interacts with the endocannabinoid system and nervous system, which affect sleep patterns. It can be highly beneficial for people who have insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Apart from those above, there are numerous other benefits of using Delta 8 THC products, which is why its popularity is skyrocketing. 

One thing to note here is that the induction of these benefits can differ based on the type of Delta 8 THC product you consume or apply. Read on to learn more about different Delta 8 THC products and which one is perfect for your needs.

When Are You Looking to Use It?

Choosing the right Delta 8 THC products depends on when you will use them. Delta 8 THC products work well both during the day and at night, but some methods of consumption are better at one time or another.

For Day Time 

Consuming Delta 8 is extremely easy if you prefer it in the morning. Simply take a capsule with some water, or you can chew gummies to have a flavorful experience. Both methods take a bit longer to kick in and the effects last a while. You can also take a tincture by putting a few drops under the tongue for a quicker effect. 

For Night-Time 

Taking a capsule is also a convenient way to consume Delta 8 THC during the evening. However, many people prefer smoking or vaping at night for more intense and immediate effects. 

Best for Consuming Throughout the Day 

Gummies and tinctures are perfect for consuming any time you want. Also, both are very portable, so toss them in your bag and have your Delta 8 dosage handy at all times.

How Often Do You Want to Consume It? 

Once you have decided the perfect time to have your Delta 8 dosage, it’s important to decide how often you should consume it. You need to know more about the dosage. Below is a quick guide on calculating the ideal Delta 8 THC dosage, whether you are a new user or have been using it for years.

1st Delta 8 THC Dosage Tier
  • 5–15 mg per serving. 
  • Ideal for new users with less tolerance. 
  • Weekly consumption or low dose.  
2nd Delta 8 THC Dosage Tier
  • 15–45 mg per serving. 
  • Occasional users with a medium tolerance. 
  • Multiple times a week. 
3rd Delta 8 THC Dosage Tier
  • 45–130 mg per serving. 
  • Frequent users with high tolerance. 
  • Daily use.

NoteThe above information is just for reference and helps you understand how much and how frequently you can consume Delta 8 THC as you progress. New users should take it in limited amounts and restrict the usage to one time a week then increase it as they go.

Daily users can consider products with higher amounts of Delta 8 and can even consume them regularly but in controlled amounts. If you have a medical condition or use prescription medications, always talk to your doctor before using any cannabis product.

Different Ways to Consume Delta 8 THC: The Safest and Most Recommended Ways 

There is a wide range of Delta 8 THC products available on the market. From edibles to smokeable vape pens and tinctures, you can feel the effects at your convenience. 

Delta 8 Edibles

Delta 8 THC edibles are a popular choice due to the convenience of consuming them. A gummy can show effect for around 8 hours, and the results are extremely soothing. 

Gummies and other forms of edibles are available in a range of mouth-watering flavors so it’s like having a little treat while you consume your Delta 8 THC. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Delta 8 Edibles 

Skim through the list of ingredients, and make sure the edibles do not contain any preservatives or artificial additives.

Delta 8 Vape Pens 

Delta 8 vape pens are pre-filled disposable devices that are ready to smoke. You can also get cartridges for rechargeable vape pens. Pens are also very convenient to use, provided you choose a good brand specializing in making them.

Things to Consider When Choosing Delta 8 Vape Pens 

When choosing a vape pen with Delta 8 THC, you need to consider the formula. The formula should be free from additives and other artificial substances. Also, some good Delta 8 brands offer vapes in different flavors.

Delta 8 Tinctures 

Delta 8 tinctures are oils with faster action. Designed to be administered sublingually, the tinctures offer a quicker-acting effect. Just like edibles, oils are also easy to use, but you have to monitor the dosage of each serving.

Things to Consider When Choosing Delta 8 Tinctures 

Tinctures made with Delta 8 THC should contain minimal ingredients, mainly just THC extract and carrier oil. Some tinctures can also contain different flavors. However, they should be free from artificial additives and chemical preservatives. The most common carrier oils used in Delta 8 tincture are MCT oil or oil made from the seeds of the hemp plant.

Delta 8 Flower 

In the past, Delta 8 flower hemp products have not been very popular, but that has been changing recently and it is now all the rage for those who prefer to smoke. The flower comes in a raw form infused with pure Delta 8 distillate of the plant Cannabis Sativa. You can get Delta 8 flower in different forms, including pre-rolls and loose buds. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 flower should only contain raw flower buds and pure distillate. Moon Rocks is an exception, and some users prefer it because of the higher concentration. 

How Long Does Delta 8 Take to Show Its Effect?

Delta 8 THC comes in a range of product categories, and each of them has a different hit time. Some hemp products show immediate effect, while some can take hours to show their effect. The choice of your Delta 8 THC product should take into account the time it takes to feel the effects.

The time Delta 8 THC takes to kick in depends on which form you consume. Vapes quickly show effect, while gummies can take a few hours. Below is a table attached to show how much time Delta 8 takes to show its high effect.

Product Form & Estimated Time to Show Effect

  1. Vapes: 5–20 minutes
  2. Gummies and Other Edibles: 30 minutes–3 hours
  3. Tinctures: 10 minutes–1.5 hours

Delta 8 THC works just like any other cannabinoid-based or cannabis plant product. Also, the time discussed here is just an approximation and may vary from person to person. If you are a daily Delta 8 consumer, you can expect the time to be a little longer. 

Personal Preference: What Do You Prefer?

Lastly, the choice of Delta 8 products should depend on your personal preference. Some users prefer higher concentrations and go for tinctures. Some want the effect to kick in quickly so they prefer vapes.

The choice of Delta 8 product should depend on how you want to use it. Gummies and other edibles can be the best option if you want to be active and mostly move about outside of your home. On the other hand, if you prefer using the Delta 8 THC product at night, you might consider smoking flower. 

The best way to determine your preference is to try different Delta 8 THC products at different times and then decide which combination suits you the most. Of course, another thing to consider here is the price. 

Gummies and edibles are a bit more expensive as compared to tinctures. You should consider your budget and then the price of the Delta 8 hemp products to be sure that using them won’t cost you much.

Why Delta 8 Lovers Choose Laughing Buddha 

Laughing Buddha ranks as one of the most reputable brands for purchasing Delta 8 THC products online. Whether you love gummies or prefer smoking a vape, we have everything to cater to your needs. 

Here are some reasons you should choose Laughing Buddha to buy premium quality Delta 8 products.

Laughing Buddha Delta 8 THC products

Third-Party Lab Tested Products 

Every product you purchase from Laughing Buddha comes with a Certificate of Analysis and lab reports to assure that all products are tested by an independent lab. These Delta 8 products have proven their efficacy and are 100% safe when consumed in controlled amounts.

Wide Shipping Network 

Laughing Buddha ships to most states where consumption of Delta 8 THC is legal. If you live in a state where Delta 8 is legal, you can order the best products from us. While Delta 8 THC is allowed in most states, some have banned it because it is closely related to Delta 9 THC. You can find the states where Delta 8 THC is legal here.

Note: Make sure your state allows consumption of Delta 8 THC. Moreover, you may test positive for consumption of these cannabinoid products if you must undergo drug tests for work or other reasons.

Broad Range of Products 

Laughing Buddha has curated a broad range of products for Delta 8 lovers. The brand even offers multiple flavors in its edibles. The most popular Delta 8 THC products by Laughing Buddha are:

Clean Chemical Composition and Free from Additives 

At Laughing Buddha, our Delta 8 products are derived from the highest quality cannabis plants and made with natural ingredients only. The products are free from harmful additives and other chemicals that you should not consume. The ingredients make these Delta 8 products safe for consumption for people of all ages 21 years and above.

Order Federally Legal Delta 8 THC Products

At Laughing Buddha, we offer an extensive collection of federally legal Delta 8 THC products that can be ordered conveniently through our website. Our products come highly recommended by consumers who use them regularly. Experience all the benefits of buying premium quality Delta 8 products like no other!

Why wait to get the best Delta 8 products? Explore our wide range of Delta 8 products and order yours today!

If you have any questions about our products, quality, or legal status in your area, please call us at (877) 420-8420 or contact us online.

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