Delta 8 Tinctures and the Entourage Effect

When consumers think of cannabis, they often think of delta-9 THC or cannabidiol (CBD). However, another contender has entered the ring; lately, delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been becoming more and more popular in the marijuana market. Delta-8 THC is beginning to hold its own, especially because it is legal to buy these products throughout Canada and in a majority of US states.

Delta-8 THC is a compound present in cannabis and grown hemp plants, alongside other cannabinoids. Given that it’s only available in trace amounts in cannabis plants, manufacturers have found it much harder to source delta-8 THC. However, there are already several companies that have honed the process of obtaining delta-8, leading to the availability of a wide range of lab-tested products. One of the products that we’ll discuss today is a delta-8 THC tincture.

What Are Delta-8 Tinctures?

One common approach to consuming cannabis products is through tinctures, and delta-8 THC is no different. Just like other THC products, delta-8 tinctures are produced by infusing a chosen carrier oil with a concentration of the compound. Such THC products are also available in different concentrations, so whether consumers want a potent product or a weaker one to get started, there are options available to suit their needs.

People use delta-8 tinctures much in the same manner as CBD oil. Although more research is required for delta-8 THC, we are beginning to learn more and more about the compound and what it has to offer. Each person will react differently to these products, as factors such as body weight, chemistry, tolerance, and metabolism will come into play.

People interested in consuming delta-8 THC hemp products should expect a few effects after taking them. These can include a mild relaxing effect, numbing sensations, and even a subtle high, similar to marijuana. Some even take delta-8 THC to help the effects of their anxiety and sleep issues. So as long as delta-8 THC is taken moderately and as intended by the manufacturer, one should not have to worry about any negative consequences. However, it is still best to consult a physician before using such products.

How to Take Delta-8 Tinctures

A delta-8 tincture is an extract infused into an oil, which is sold in a bottle. This makes the product easy to consume. These are quite versatile; users can administer them in various ways, allowing them to choose whichever manner suits them best.

Here are the most common methods of administering delta-8 THC tinctures today:

Sublingual Administration

The sublingual administration of delta-8 THC is perhaps the most common approach to consuming the compound. Many prefer this method since it is quick and easy.

For sublingual use, one simply needs to place a few drops of the delta-8 liquid under their tongue and keep it there for 30 – 60 seconds. This allows the tincture to be absorbed by the body through the sublingual artery.

Since it is applied sublingually, the compound and other ingredients are delivered to the bloodstream through the mouth’s lining without having to pass through the gut and liver.


The second most common approach to consuming delta-8 THC tinctures is through direct ingestion. It basically entails using the tincture just like any drink by swallowing it. Users also add drops of the delta-8 fluid into their favorite food and consume them together that way.

When it comes to ingesting such tinctures, people have near limitless options since they can include them in a wide range of food and drinks. Ingesting delta-8 may delay the onset of its effects by up to a few hours.

Topical Application

Another common way to use delta-8 tinctures is through topical application. Some individuals prefer applying the product directly to their skin if they do not wish to ingest or take it sublingually.

Topical application is becoming a prevalent form of applying cannabis products because of the potential therapeutic effects they offer. Additionally, people find it simpler to use the concentrated solution similar to how they apply lotions on their skin.

People also apply delta-8 tinctures topically if they want to avoid the potential psychoactive effects of the compound.

Delta-8 and Terpenes

With the growing popularity of delta-8, producers are beginning to experiment with the compound to create unique products for their customers. One common point of confusion for many is the addition of terpenes in these formulations.

Are terpenes necessary to delta-8 THC tinctures? Do they offer benefits that make the compound healthier to consume?

The simple answer to this question is no, terpenes are not essential in creating delta-8 tinctures. The distillate of the compound is the only irreplaceable part of the whole mixture. However, manufacturers have found that adding terpenes to their products offers several advantages. Producers often include terpenes because of the taste, aroma, and feel that they add to tinctures.

Terpenes are one of the many compounds found in plants and are well-known for the taste and fragrance they give off. On its own, delta-8 distillate does not have any flavor or odor, which is why many manufacturers have decided to include terpenes in their formulations.

Consumers from both the hemp industry and cannabis industry have found that adding terpenes to such products provides users with additional uplifting sensations; in fact, many enjoy delta-8 THC tinctures and high-quality CBD products simply because of the flavorful terpenes within.

However, fragrance and taste are not the only benefits provided when terpenes are added to delta-8 tinctures. Terpenes may also improve the potential benefits that the compound provides.

Delta-8 and the Entourage Effect

Because delta-8 THC offers potential health benefits to its consumers, many assume that it could also benefit from the entourage effect, which is commonly associated with delta-9 THC.

The entourage effect is the positive contribution obtained when terpenes are added on top of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. It was first coined by the researchers Mechoulam and Ben-Shabat back in 1998, with their findings leading to the belief that other biological products can enhance the activity of primary chemical compounds.

It is possible that there is a botanical synergy that can happen when cannabinoids and terpenes are combined. Researchers have learned that such a combination could bring about the maximum pharmacological effect — in other words, one could potentially benefit more when there are more terpenes and cannabinoids involved in a formulation, meaning that a whole plant extract can provide better benefits than cannabinoids alone. For instance, a product by itself could provide pain relief while another may provide relaxation, but mixing them both into one can give the user both effects at once.

However, research about the human body and the entourage effect is still ongoing. There is much that remains unknown about the interaction that cannabinoids have with compounds like terpenes, but many believe that such chemicals can enhance the possible therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant through both aromatherapy and direct use.

There is insufficient scientific evidence to formally draw conclusions regarding the entourage effect. However, people can reasonably assume that consuming a delta-8 tincture containing terpenes will offer more benefits than using its distillate alone.

How to Choose the Right Brand for Delta-8 Tinctures

People looking to try delta-8 tinctures will be presented with countless brands that claim to provide unique benefits through their quality ingredients. Unfortunately, not all of these producers use the right ingredients and follow the best practices in the creation of these products. This can quickly lead to low-quality tinctures that can have possible health risks.

To help you identify the best brand to purchase delta-8 tinctures from, keep an eye out for the following traits of a trustworthy brand:


Since delta-8 tinctures and other similar products are not yet regulated, some producers believe they can save time and money by providing users with lower-quality products that might be harmful to use.

Reputable brands take the health and safety of their consumers seriously. One way they do this is by being fully transparent when it comes to the ingredients that they include in their products. They will even share the lab results, analyses, and certifications of their goods.

At Tri-State Cannabis, our delta-8 THC tinctures have all been lab tested by certified facilities known for their rigid standards within the hemp industry. We also list the ingredients in our products to give consumers the peace of mind they need when purchasing them.

High-Quality Ingredients

Every consumer has the right to know what they put in their body, which is why many check the labels before purchasing any product. The ideal delta-8 provider ensures that their customers only get quality and organic ingredients in their items. They also make sure that there are no fillers or additives included simply to make their products more attractive at the cost of quality.

Our delta-8 tinctures at Tri-State Cannabis are made only with ingredients that our fine consumers deserve. It has 90% delta-8 THC, and the remaining 10% is a mixture of the MCT oil, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

Excellent Customer Reviews

Finally, you want to check what past customers have said about a given delta-8 tincture provider. Low ratings are a huge red flag that their products are low-quality or mislabeled, which is why it is best to avoid them.

Companies that have high ratings, on the other hand, often provide better customer support. They produce quality products by ensuring that their goods are made using healthy and safe ingredients. Having a high rating means that past customers have been satisfied with their service and would happily recommend them to others.

Our Laughing Buddha products have received praise from many consumers within the cannabis industry, as we only use the finest ingredients in all of our goods.

We stand committed to what we place in our products, which is why you can find lab reports about our products readily available on our website. We make sure that their certificates of analysis (COAs) are available so people can easily access them to ensure their purity before buying.


As more and more people hear of the studies regarding the benefits of delta-8, this compound and tinctures made from it are rapidly growing in popularity. At Tri-State Cannabis, we sell delta-8 tinctures made from industrial hemp plants. Our products are made with high-quality ingredients to ensure that it provides maximum effectiveness to the body while not overwhelming your system.

If you want to put your mind and body at ease after a long day of work, then you might be interested in what our delta-8 tinctures have to offer. Visit our page to learn more.

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