Elevate Your Mind: Unveiling The Uplifting Power of Delta-8 Sativa Strains by Laughing Buddha

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Cannabis is an intricate plant, and with each passing day, we uncover more about it. Besides the well-known compounds like THC and CBD, the plant is mainly categorized into two dominant strains: Sativa and Indica.

These two strains stand apart, each with its own set of qualities. Sativa strains are known for providing a more mental uplift, which can aid in reducing anxiety and boosting focus. On the other hand, Indica strains are favored for their relaxing effects. If you are struck between the age-old indica vs hybrid delta 8 debate, the following guide will hopefully make things clearer.

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What is the Sativa Strain?

Sativa strains are one of the two dominant types of strains found in the Cannabis plant. They originated in dry places with hot climates, which is why the United States, South Africa, and several South Asian countries are the biggest cultivators of Sativa strains. These strains are recognized by their tall length, thin flowers, and lighter color.

And because they feature unique aromatic properties, they also have an earthly aroma that instantly energizes your body when inhaled. If you want to be more active and have increased mental clarity or focus, a Sativa-hybrid strain product is an excellent remedy for daytime use.

Therapeutic Benefits of Sativa-Dominant Strains 

Sativa-dominant cannabis varieties are not just popular for recreational use; they also offer several health benefits:

Reduce Anxiety

Feeling nervous about a public speech or uneasy about social gatherings? Sativa-dominant cannabis might help. Compared to Indica varieties, Sativa has a higher THC concentration that can activate the body’s endocannabinoid system, potentially easing anxiety. This means you could feel more focused and calm, making it easier to mingle and speak in public.

Boost Energy

If you’re struggling to find motivation or energy, Sativa strains might be what you need. They’re known for giving a burst of energy, making it easier to stay active and get through your daily tasks. Whether it’s a challenge to start your day or find the motivation to interact with others, Sativa can provide that much-needed lift.

Relieve Pain

Cannabis is widely recognized for its pain-relieving qualities, and Sativa strains are no exception. They contain anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation and pain, offering relief for hours. This is particularly true for those who experience chronic pain and migraines regularly.

Managing High Blood Pressure

Sativa strains also show promise in managing high blood pressure, a condition that contributes to many serious health issues. The properties of the Cannabis Sativa plant may help lower and manage blood pressure, offering a natural alternative to traditional medications. While more studies are needed to fully understand its effects, it’s an encouraging option for those looking to manage their hypertension naturally.

Before you consider using cannabis for any health reasons, it’s important to talk with your doctor. They can advise whether it’s a suitable option for you and ensure it fits within your overall health plan.

What is the Difference Between Delta 8 THC Indica and Sativa Strains?

Cannabis strains are labeled as either “Indica dominant” or “Sativa dominant”. When we talk about a Sativa Dominant Delta 8 strain, it means the Delta 8 component comes from cannabis plants with a higher presence of Sativa genetics. This type will offer the uplifting benefits associated with Sativa strains.

Looking at the plants, Sativa and Indica show clear differences. Sativa plants are generally taller, with a lighter shade and slimmer leaves, whereas Indica plants are shorter, with darker, denser foliage. These physical attributes mirror their effects on us, influencing our mind and body in distinct ways.

The impact of Indica and Sativa extends to how relaxed or alert they make you feel. Timing is crucial when choosing which strain to use, depending on whether you want to avoid sleeplessness at night or prevent drowsiness during the day.

D8 Sativa strains tend to be perfect daytime strains. They are known for making people feel more energized, which can boost focus and spark creativity by stimulating the mind. People appreciate Delta 8 Sativa for its ability to ease nervousness and stress without the sedative effects typical of Indica strains.

On the other hand, an Indica strain envelops the entire body like a warm, tight hug. When the day’s work is done and you want to put your feet up, or you suffer from insomnia and need help falling asleep, Indica strains can be the perfect companion.

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Most Popular Delta 8 Sativa and Hybrid Strains (Sativa-Dominant)

Some of the fan favorites of D8 Sativa strains include:

  • Sour Diesel: Known for its invigorating and dreamy cerebral effects, Sour Diesel is a classic choice. It has a distinct, pungent aroma reminiscent of diesel fuel, paired with potential effects that might boost energy and creativity.
  • Super Lemon Haze: This strain has a tart, sweet flavor, much like the name suggests, and is favored for its energetic and lively effects. It’s great for those looking to tackle their to-do list or engage in creative endeavors.
  • Green Crack: Despite its intense name, Green Crack is sought after for its sharp energy and focus. It’s said to be invigorating and uplifting, perfect for daytime use to keep fatigue at bay.
  • Strawberry Cough: Known for its sweet strawberry smell and subtle skunky undertones, Strawberry Cough is popular for its happy, uplifting effects. It’s a great choice for social situations or when you need a cheerful boost.
  • Jack Herer: Named after the legendary cannabis activist, Jack Herer is appreciated for its potential to inspire bliss and creativity, along with a peppery, piney flavor profile.
  • Durban Poison: This pure sativa is praised for its energizing and uplifting effects, making it perfect for daytime use. It has a sweet smell and a clear-headed stimulation, often recommended for those needing a productivity boost.
  • Pineapple Express: Popularized by the movie of the same name, Pineapple Express combines the potent and flavorful forces of parent cannabis strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. It’s known for its long-lasting energetic effects and a fruity, tropical aroma.

Let us put it this way: if you want to enjoy a dose of energy so you can exercise better or do your chores without getting distracted, Sativa is the way to go. Infact, many hyper-active people who detest Indica strains claim that it makes them more lethargic and lazier.

If you live in a state where Delta 8 THC strains are legal to buy, you can easily find it online or in your local dispensary. But remember, not all products are created equal. Since the FDA doesn’t control the quality of cannabis-based products, it is up to you to choose a brand that is committed to quality and transparency – like Laughing Buddha. Every single one of our products undergoes a multi-step quality testing in an independent lab; you get this lab report with your purchase. Explore our store today to get your hands on some of the top hemp flower and Sativa strains online.

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