Delta 8 Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Delta 8 THC has been one of the fastest growing hemp-derived products on the market. Not only does it offer a soothing high feeling, but it can also help relieve symptoms from a number of health issues. However, a controlled dosage is required to experience the numerous benefits Delta 8 THC (D8) can offer. 

If you are also wondering how much Delta 8 to take, look no further! In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about finding the Delta 8 dosage that works for you. This post will guide you through the different factors that affect the dosage for every individual and the different methods of consumption.

What Exactly Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC has revolutionized the hemp-derived products industry and has become a popular choice among cannabis lovers. 

Delta 8 is a derivative of the cannabis plant just like some other cannabinoids. While it shares some similarities with the chemical structure of Delta 9 THC, the high effect D8 produces is less intense. The lower potency of Delta 8 THC delivers you a buzz without the attached paranoia sometimes experienced when consuming Delta 9. Also, finding a sweet spot of dosage with Delta 8 is easier, which is another reason for its increasing popularity. Regular and moderate consumption of this cannabis plant derivative can affect:

  • Sleep cycles
  • Stress reactions
  • Appetite 
  • Hormonal function
  • Inflammation/pain signals 

What Factors Affect the Correct Delta 8 THC Dosage?

Studies are still being conducted to learn more about the dosage of Delta 8 and its effects, but there’s a lot we already know. In addition, there are a few factors that should affect your dosage of Delta 8, and these factors can vary from person to person. 

For example, someone taking Delta 8 or Delta 9 for a few months can easily handle a moderate dosage, whereas someone who is just starting to take Delta 8 should start slow. Below, you will find some factors that bear in mind when figuring out the D8 dosage that’s right for you.


The strength or concentration of the Delta 8 present in any product is measured in milligrams (mg). Products with a high concentration are more potent and you will be able to feel the effects more acutely. You’ll find the amount and strength listed on the product label. In the case of Delta 8 vape cartridges and tinctures, the amount is shown in milliliters (ml). 

For beginners, Delta 8 products with less strength are better as the body needs some time to learn the strain and become familiar with it. On the other hand, experienced consumers can take products with a higher dosage, but keeping precautions in mind is essential.

A lot of popular hemp-derived product manufacturers mention dosage on the labels to ensure everyone can have a safe experience consuming Delta 8 THC.


How much can you handle? The reason we asked for it is that it will impact the Delta 8 dosage you can take. Some people are more sensitive to THC, whereas some have high tolerance levels. Over time, your body will develop a tolerance for Delta 8 THC, but it may take a few months. While building up your tolerance, you should be taking mild dosages. 

Starting slow is the best way to become familiar your tolerance level for Delta 8 THC. If you are easily able to handle a specific dose, you can increase it gradually, but keep your tolerance levels in mind. When you consume Delta 8 without exceeding your tolerance levels, you can expect to experience a plethora of benefits.

There is no rule of thumb for tolerance levels, as it entirely depends on the individual. 

Body Size and Weight 

Again, there is no set guideline when it comes to selecting the right Delta 8 dose based on one’s body stature. However, the results have been monitored on several other consumers, and there is a correlation between the dose and body size. 

For example, a consumer that weighs around 200 lbs or more will need more Delta 8 than someone who is around 120 lbs. The more the body weight and size, the higher the dose they will need to feel the effects. 

However, tolerance levels also come into play in finding the correct dosage along with body size and other factors. Some people have a bigger body, but their tolerance levels are comparatively lower than people with less body weight. 

The only way to figure out the correct dosage is by going slow. First, try consuming Delta 8 THC in different forms, such as gummies or vapes, to figure out which way you prefer to take it and which way helps you attain the high feeling you desire. Below we have attached a chart to help guide you. It can help you understand what size dose of Delta 8 is likely sufficient depending on your body weight.

Delta 8 THC Dosage Levels

Please note that you should consult your doctor before consuming Delta 8 THC and find out more about how your body might react to these hemp-derived products. 


Another factor with a significant impact on Delta 8 dosage is metabolism. Just like the body size and tolerance levels, metabolism varies from person to person. People with a faster and more responsive metabolism can opt for THC products with higher strength.

On the other hand, people with a slow-acting metabolism should start with mild doses, which they can increase gradually. 

Your Purpose 

Lastly, the right dose depends on the purpose of taking Delta 8 THC for you. Some people consume these THC products in order to boost energy, improve mood, or find relief from pain. 

Depending on your goal, you can decrease or increase the dose.  

How Much Delta 8 Is Safe for Consumption Based on the Product Forms 

Delta 8 THC comes in a wide range of products and different forms of consumption. The form contributes to the time the effects take to kick in and the concentration of Delta 8. In this section, you’ll find information regarding the different forms of Delta 8 THC and the suitable dosage you can consider taking.


Edibles are any Delta 8 products that you eat, including gummies. Taking edibles are an easier way to consume D8 than other methods of delivery. In addition, edibles generally come in pre-measured doses, therefore, you don’t have to measure them before consumption. 

Delta 8 THC product manufacturers offer edibles with different strengths. For example, gummies come in varying strengths, with 10 mg being the most popular choice for beginners. 

If you are just starting with consuming D8 gummies, you can try 10 mg strength. Or you can order gummies with 20 mg strength and consume ½ of it at a time. Once your body becomes familiar with the effects of THC, you can increase the dose to 1 gummy and can eventually go up to 2 gummies, depending on your tolerance and body size.

Apart from Delta 8 THC, gummies have other ingredients as well, including flavors and sweeteners that make them taste delicious.


After edibles, tinctures are the other popular choice among Delta 8 THC lovers. The biggest perk of a tincture or oil is that it contains D8 in the purest form; there is no other active ingredient present, only a carrier oil, so you get that high effect quickly. 

The mucous membrane in your mouth absorbs these oils and helps Delta 8 enter the metabolism and show its effect. In addition, tinctures or oils are suitable for topical application on the affected body part where you are experiencing pain or inflammation.

The standard dose of a Delta 8 tincture is 30–40 mg. Popular manufacturers offer tinctures in 30 ml bottles, and the dropper can hold 1 ml at a time. Depending on the strength present in 1 ml of tincture, you can easily calculate the right dose.


Deciding the right dose when consuming Delta 8 through moonrocks can be a little challenging, but you can find the right amount for you after some time. If you are just starting with it, taking 1–3 small puffs is good; it will serve you with around 1–5 mg of Delta 8. 

The high effect after taking moonrocks can take 20–30 minutes to kick in, so it is better to wait for some time after your first 2–3 puffs before taking more. If you feel you have complete control over yourself and find your body tolerating 2–3 puffs easily, you can gradually increase it to 4–5 puffs. 


Delta 8 capsules usually have lower concentrations, and that’s what makes them suitable for beginners. The most common strength available in the gel caps is 10 mg, although some go up to 25 mg. One capsule is considered one serving, but you can take multiple servings depending on your tolerance levels and goals. 

Pro Tip: The best way to take Delta 8 capsules is with food as it helps with absorption. Also, you can increase the intake of D8 capsules when consumed with food.


The smokeable category accommodates plenty of Delta 8 products, including flower, vapes, disposables, and Delta 8 carts. Measuring the dose for smokeable products is not an exact science – just like with moonrocks – since there is no pre-measured dose. Here the strength of the dose depends on multiple factors such as the number of puffs and the depth of the inhale.

Beginners should start with one puff which is enough to get that high feeling. Vapes are quick to act, and you can expect the effect to kick in around 10–15 minutes. If you feel perfectly fine after one puff, you can take another puff and then again wait for 10 minutes. 

Folks that have been vaping for years fall under the intermediate to advanced category and can take two puffs at a time. 

Disclaimer: The dosage should depend on the factors listed above, i.e., the tolerance level, body size, and metabolism. The dose we recommended usually works for everyone, but the results may vary from person to person.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced D8 user, you should always take smaller doses to discover how the product affects you and what its after-effects are. After your body adapts according to the effects, you can increase the dosage. 

How Long Does Delta 8 THC Take to Kick in and Show Its Effect?

Some Delta 8 THC products can kick in quickly, while some may take time to show their effect. This is completely normal and depends on a range of factors, including:

  • Method of delivery 
  • Strength or potency 
  • Frequency of consumption

The Method of Delivery 

When consumed through a vape or tincture, Delta 8 THC can quickly enter the bloodstream, and you’ll soon feel its effects. On the other hand, edibles like D8 gummies can take more time because your digestive system needs to break them down before your body can absorb THC. 

The method of delivery has a significant impact on the time Delta 8 THC takes to begin working. A vape can take around 10–15 minutes to show its effects, whereas edibles such as brownies and gummies can take more than 30 minutes. 

Strength or Potency 

The potency of Delta 8 THC is how much of it is concentrated in a product. Hemp-derived products with higher strength can kick in more quickly than products with less concentration. 

Frequency of Consumption 

How frequently you consume Delta 8 THC products also affects the time it takes to experience that high effect. People consuming it less frequently may take more time to get that effect compared to users with higher frequencies. 

The time Delta 8 THC takes to kick in and show its effect varies from person to person. Some experience it a little earlier, whereas some take more time to get these effects. It is advised to wait for 10–20 minutes after consuming D8 THC. If consumed in an edible form, you should wait at least 30 minutes to experience any effects.

When Should You Consider Taking More Delta 8 THC?

If you have consumed D8 THC, but haven’t experienced any high effect, that doesn’t mean you should take more immediately. There is no specific answer to when to take more as it depends on several factors. 

If the effects are not as potent as you expected, then you need to understand the nature of Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 has less potency than Delta 9, so the effects are also not that intense. If you are not really getting a high effect and thinking that you’ve consumed a lower dose, make sure you have waited enough time.

Once you are sure about increasing the dosage, you can start with fast-acting methods of delivery, i.e., vaping D8 carts or taking a sublingual tincture. Always note what the manufacturer has listed on the label regarding the strength and the time you should wait for the next dose. 

What Happens When You Take Too Much Delta 8 THC?

Since Delta 8 may take some time to show its effects, a few individuals take too much. However, there is no lethal dose of this hemp plant derivative, so you don’t have to worry about overdosing on it. On the other hand, consuming too much Delta 8 can lead to some undesired results. 

Delta 8 has 50–75% of the strength of Delta 9 THC, and when consumed in large amounts, it can cause hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, paranoia, and may also affect blood pressure. These health risks are not common if you consume Delta 8 in a moderate amount, but adverse events may take place if someone takes uncontrolled doses. 

Overconsumption can also make you feel sleepy and dizzy. Always start with a low dose that your body can handle easily. Heavier doses also show effect for longer and can stay in your system for more time than you think. 

How Much Delta 8 Do You Need to Experience all the Benefits?

Delta 8 THC is popular for the potential health benefits it offers, such as improved sleep quality and better appetite. However, in order to experience these benefits, you need to take the right dose. Apart from the strength of the dose, the frequency and time of consumption also matter.

Take sleep, for an example. You can have ½ of any D8 gummy to get better sleep. But once you start habitually consuming Delta 8, you can increase the dosage to a full gummy. If you are able to get good sleep with one gummy, you don’t have to increase its intake. 

The same goes for anxiety and other health issues that Delta 8 THC can help improve. You need to experiment with the dose to find if it works for you and what does not. Then, slowly increase the dose to get the desired effect, along with multiple other possible health benefits from this cannabis plant derivative. 

What Does Laughing Buddha Offer?

Laughing Buddha is one of the most trusted online shops when it comes to purchasing the highest quality Delta 8 THC hemp products. We have a broad range of D8 products that include delicious gummies, potent vapes, and easy-to-use tinctures. Here are some reasons why you should order Delta 8 THC products from Laughing Buddha.

Lab-Tested Products 

All the products we sell are tested for their potency and effects on the body in third-party labs. Moreover, the THC products come with a lab report so you can verify its data on your own.

No Harmful Additives

We do not use any toxic ingredients in any of our products, which makes consuming Delta 8 even safer. Also, we use all organic ingredients in our hemp products.

A Wide Delivery Network and Fast Shipping 

You don’t have to wait long for your order of your favorite Delta 8 THC products. Laughing Buddha can ship them to dozens of states where consuming hemp is legal under state and federal law. 


Consuming Delta 8 through Laughing Buddha does not cost you a ton of money. The entire range of products, from vapes to gummies, is affordable and actually more so than other brands. The best part is free delivery, which is available on orders above $29 purchased online!


Before you start consuming Delta 8 THC or any other hemp-derived products, you should learn their nature and how they affect you by taking a small dose. Moreover, the information covered in this article is sourced from studies conducted by various scientists, and we do not claim anything.

Consumption of Delta 8 is not a sure-shot cure for any medical conditions or health issues, including anxiety, stress, insomnia,  intraocular pressure, inflammation, and other issues. Also, this derivative of cannabis plants is not a cure for cancer or any chronic diseases. 

Always consult your doctor to learn about the safe consumption of Delta 8 and how it affects on your body. Tell the doctor if you are on prescription medications for any chronic disease such as known or unknown heart illnesses. Lastly, choose trusted companies with a focus on their brand’s reputation.

The presence of Delta 8 in your system may be found in a drug test, so it is better to avoid consuming it in states it is illegal to use. Go through the local laws as well as the state laws to find out if you can have legal hemp in your area.

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